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but we begin with delaware's controversial senate candidate, christine o'donnell, trying to make lot of comments that she made describing her experience with witchcraft. yeah. i said witchcraft. here what happens she told bill maher in 1999 and show he tried to explain it arecently at a republican picnic this week. >> i dabbled into witchcraft i never joined a coven. you were a witch? >> i didn't join a coven, let's get this straight. >> wait a minute. i love this. you're a witch. i was a witch. >> that's exactly why -- >> how you used to be a witch? >> because i dabbled into witchcraft. i hung around people who were doing these things. >> having fun? >> i'm not making this stuff up. i know what they told me they do. how many of you didn't hang out with questionable folks in high school? but, there's been no witchcraft since. if there was, karl rove would be a supporter now. >> there woo we have the original statement in 1999.
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how to this wcheekend's rebutta of that. kelly what do we make? is this a quick way of dispelling that video clip from 1999, to make light of it this weekend? when i talked to christine about various clips, not this one in particular, she says that she was trying to be a pundit and entertaining guest when she appeared on bill maher's show about two dozen times in the late '90s. when you talk about things like witchcraft, when trying to be a credible, serious candidate, 11 years later that is difficult. she did try to make light of it and to brush it off as activities that she did when she was in high school and then trying to have kind of the political zinger, if you had a little trouble hearing that, she said if she were still involved with witchcraft, karl rove would be a supporter now. rove has come out critically about her credibility, her background, things like that that he says could mean that delaware will become a
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democratic seat, holding for democrats instead of what might have been a republican seat to grab. so that's sort of the political context. she has tried to say that she was not a professional candidate or someone who really envisioned a longtime view of serving in the public. that's the other way she has turned this using teee tea part outside mantra saying to me and others because she behaved in a way that was not holding back and not restricting herself too much and the kinds of things she said that's proof she wasn't planning to be a candidate all along. thomas, you may know, she has run for office before. she was joe biden's opponent as a senate candidate in 2008. but she was not taken seriously. so the vast majority of these quirky things never came up until she became the tea party darling and everybody who's got a researcher in the tv library at a show is looking for more and more.
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and the other kind of interesting sort of threat, if you will, bill maher said he likes christine o'donnell personally, saying that he is kind of going to hold her hostage releasing another clip each show until she appears. so there's humor, politics, trying to position herself among delaware voters and it's certainly unusual for all of the crazy candidates we see, this is an unusual set of circumstances that she's trying to really defend herself about. >> all of that makes it tough running in the political now, i guess. thanks so much. we'll talk soon. a question, are the democrats planning a national ad campaign claiming the republican party's being hijacked by tea party extremists? that's what "the new york times" is reporting today. listing the strategy among other democratic proposals being floated, just weeks before the midterm elections, but the white house is pushing back. nbc news political analyst richard wolffe is at the white house. how does the white house
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respond. ? >> reporter: pushing back is putting it mildly. they're saying they don't have the strategy, they don't have the message, they have no plans for national ads and they don't have resources to commit to this kind of thing. what they want to talk about is what the president's talking about at the cnbc town hall, which is about the economy, how the or side has a bunch of policies that they say got nus this economic mess in the first place. when it comes to the tea party and the message that some democratic candidates are putting out, they're extremists or out the mainstream, that's up to individual candidates to do. it's not going to come from headquarters or from the house. >> is it being made easier for these individual candidates to do that when getting talking points from operatives like republican leaders, karl rove talk out about tea partiers like christine o'donnell? >> reporter: well, there is a convergence, i guess, of the establishment here, and the kind of view they have of what's electable and what. isn't. now i guess if you're coming at it from the tea party side you say, that's the establishment
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for you. but these are seasoned operatives, republicans and democrats. they think they know, for instance, how delaware votes and what kind of politics they want to hear. so there's an overlap there, but they're obviously working at very different purposes. >> richard wolf at the white house, thanks so much. the mothers of two american hikers still imprisoned in iran hope to meet with president ahmadinejad who is in new york city right now. he's here along with other world leaders for the united nations general assembly. ahmadinejad will speak at a u.n. conference tomorrow and address the general assembly on thursday. the same day as president obama. meantime, freed american, sarah shourd back notice u.s. while talking to reporters on sunday, she said she and her fiancee and their friend josh fatale had no idea they crossed into iran when arrested 14 months ago and they did not commit any crimes. >> shane and josh do not deserve to be imprisoned one day longer than i was. we committed no crime, and we
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are not spies. my disappointment in not sharing this with shane and josh was crushing. and i stand before you today only one-third free. >> nbc news tehran bureau chief is here in new york for the u.n. general assembly meeting and in studio to talk about this. let's talk about the fact, is there any chance that ahmadinejad would actually take up a meeting with the mothers of bauer and fattal? >> it's very unlikely, he had an opportunity in i may, he didn't. i don't think he wants to get personal with the parents. i i it's unlike. >> the meeting and protesters outside, set scene for what we expect the scene to be. >> every year he comes here and makes head lelinheadlines, outl statements. last year was toned down, states were trying to reconcile. things are very bad. things are tense. probably expecting quite a fiery speech by him tomorrow.
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>> explain to us for the two people that remain in custody in iran, they want to move forward with the trial but what time line has been set for this? >> it's the first time we heard anything about a time line over the period, when sarah shourd was released, the chief of the judiciary in iran said in two months' time they'll probably have to face trial, the file has gone to the revolutionary court on charges of espionage and they'll have to go through a trial case, including sarah shourd as well. they're expecting her to come back and stand trial. she's on $500,000 bail. >> from what you know from covering the story, is it surprising sarah has not spoken publicly about the conditions or things they faced during her temporary imprisonment? >> not at all. statement she made yesterday is exactly what we expected, for her to thank the government, asking to show compassion for her colleagues. she's not going to say anything to jeopardize the future safety of her two colleagues or the future release, if it's on the
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table. >> for sarah, there were medical concerns. do we know hue she's doing now that she's been looked over by doctors and safely back in the u.s.? >> that's right. the iranians said they let her go on compassion nate medical grounds and she got a checkout by a doctor who maz givhas give clean bill of health. it seemed more serious than it is now. >> thanks so much. developing story to tell you about now out of utah. massive wildfire burning now just out side of salt lake city in herriman. 1400 homes evacuated. as the fire began to spread last night, smoke and heavy flames left behind shells of structures. officials believe the fire started during a national guard training session. at this hour, bermuda officials beginning to assess damage from hurricane igor. last night and through much of this morning igor lashes ow the
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atlantic island with high winds, furious waves. fierce storm ripped boats from moorings, sparking power outage to one-fourth of the island. jim cantore live in bermuda. i understand they got lucky with this, though. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. i mean though it was a long duration event, we knew we would get drilled for several hours here, you showed those waves. look, this is -- that was less than 24 hours ago, probably like 18 hours ago. look at this, as we pan out, i've never seen what was really 20 to 40-foot seas here become this. look at the beautiful, blue water here. just a nice rolling wave up the beach. this is absolutely tremendous. what a recovery here. that's the difference when you are in an island as opposed to a bowl like the gulf of mexico, once you get the wave action it tykes a while to wind down. they are get things back up to order here. new reports of major structural
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damage at the beach club at hamilton parish. a couple of cot annuals dealing with the waves, sands and stone doing major structural damage to some cottages there. that's the first report of that we heard. but you nailed it. it's the power situation. one point the height of the storm, 30,000 of 35,500 people without power. they've reduced that to around 20,000. that tells you how quickly they're getting out, clearing debris off the roads and working on lines and transformers which blew at height of the storm where we had wind gusts around 100 miles an hour on a couple of occasions. we dodged a bullet. the scar that igor will leave behind is, without a doubt, beach erosion. that's extensive and in some cases have to do repair to the beach side resorts. >> jim cantore, thanks so much. we go to california now where the search for 13 members of a breakaway religious sect ended with discovery safe and
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sound. reyna chicas is undergoing a psychological evaluation. two worried husbands reports the gripe missing saturday. they showed authorities notes left behind by the wives which police believed to be a last will and testament. >> is it a strange story? absolutely. but the good news is, is that the kids, the adults, even the animals, everybody is okay. >> ed mertz is covering the story. let's go over this because i understand you had a chance to pe speak to some of the women in the group what did they say to you about this? >> they said in they were in the park because it was an overnight prayer vigil. they seemed shocked and surprised when they were surrounded by sheriff's deputies and about ten minutes after that by the news media. one woman told me she said it was a misunderstanding she was sorry about that. another woman said we were going out overnight because you never
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know what can happen overnight we decided to leed leave valuables, cash with husbands and blamed the husbands who reported them missing for all of this fuss. >> and, ed, let's go over that. they were going to go out overnight, none of them thought it would be a good idea to keep a cell phone on them, that's how you're saying the husbands became worried because purses contained with d.s, cell phones and notes? >> yeah. there are a lot of red flags in the story, that's one of them. the other two is they've had a chance to talk to the husbands now since this and do the husbands believe what happened? the husbands feared for their loved one because they didn't trust the lead, reyna chicas, and they felt she had maybe brainwashed wives and children. when chicas was detained by sheriff's officials, not arrested, she did not give her correct name to officials and she kind of rambled on with answers. a month ago she was going to
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lead the group to the wilds derness area and wait for a catastrophic event. that fell apart when a follower told somebody else. do the husband believe their wives and what the wives have told them? >> we say religious sect. explain what we know to classify them as a sect. what are their beliefs? >> well, that's the big question right now. it's hard to put a labor on the group. we know that chicas andsome of the people had attended a larger church of 400 members. the question is, why did they leave that church? was chicas maybe after power or control, you know? we don't know the answer to that yet. the pastor of the church said she left and he didn't know why and he said she was a nonperson when she was there at that church. so we'll have to wait to find out what it is they believe. another thing that struck me yesterday in talking to the adults, the women, that is, you know, they genuinely seem surprised and kind of shocked that all of this fuss was made over them. they said that, in the past,
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they had gone out on prayer vigils with their husbands. what you have here is that if we do find, from the psychiatric tests on this lead that she does have problems, here's a case where you've got somebody rising up, trying to take power, take control and innocent people follow them. fortunately, as the spokesman said, nobody got hurt by that. >> other than a psychological evaluation, they're not facing any charges, they didn't do anything criminal? >> as of yet they have not. if she did give misstatements to officials she could face charges to that. you have to ask, a 3-year-old child kept out overnight, that is any kind of child endangerment? >> et mertz from knx radio. thank you so much. police in illinois searching for a missing teenage boy with special needs. 14-year-old christopher hawthorne last seen riding a bike. 5'10", brown hair, hazel eyes wearing a black baseball cap, blue jeans. he has trouble with verbal
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communication. federal officials have declares the bp's blown-out well in the gulf of mexico effectively dead. this comes five months after the worst oil spill in u.s. history. a permanent cement plug sealed the well. president obama called that an important milestone but gulf coast residents are likely to continue feeling the impact of the disaster for years to come. speaking of president obama, he's getting ready to take your questions on the economy at a tonight hall meeting 45 minutes from now. cnbc's john harwood one of the mod raters of the event and he's going to join us. paris hilton pleads guilty to drug charges minutes ago but won't spend any time in jail. details on that coming up a new movie slamming facebook founder mark zuckerberg. hear from two of zuckerberg's former classmates who say he's nothing but a thief.
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developing now, news that may come as a surprise to many of you struggling out there. the official score keeper for the u.s. economy declared this morning the worst recession since the great depression is over. the national bureau of economic research says the recession ended in june of 2009 and recovery began that same month. the private research group that determines when recessions start and end says, quote, any future downturn of the economy would be a new recession and not a continuation of the one that began in december of 2007. in less than an hour, president obama will face a live audience filled with americans ready to question him on that hot topic, the economy. cnbc chief washington correspondent john harwood will host the town hall event "investing in america" and he's in washington with more for us. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. here on the roof of the newseum in washington where in less than an hour president obama is going to come here and take questions on the number one issue on the
11:20 am
country's mind in advance of midterm elections, and that's the economy, how to make it grow, again how to get the unemployment rate, which is still at an unacceptably high rate of 9.6% rate down. a cross-section of more than 200 people around the country, ceos, union workers, small business owners, people without jobs, teachers and students, all of whom are going to have an opportunity in an intimate setting to put directly to president obama their question about what are you doing for me, what are you doing for the economy, more generally. this is something, an opportunity, we've waited a long timing for. we're delighted the president's going to here. we'll tune in to see what he's got to say. >> thank you. that was chief washington correspondent john harwood. look forward to see that program on cnbc "investing in america, a town hall event with president obama" airs noon eastern time. jimmy carter doesn't see a future for the tea party movement. >> i think that their influence
11:21 am
is going to be merged with the republican party and i'd say, i would hope by 2012, their big i influence is dissipated. >> hear matt lauer's interview with the former president next withus. >> what you think about any of the story we're covering today, let me know at >> your business entrepreneur of the week. brian of portland, oregon the found or of vocation vacations. he paired individuals up with existing small businesses giving vacationers a two to three-day crash course to test drive a different career. it's an intensive learning experience for prospect everybody entrepreneurs. for more, watch "your business" sunday mornings 7:30 on msnbc. ♪ [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'!
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may be more important than ever. choose a company you can depend on. [ woman ] life's too short to worry about health care. i hate to worry. i like things i can depend on. [ male announcer ] don't spend life wondering about your medicare coverage. talk to securehorizons today to get the answers you need. call now. welcome back, everybody. former president jimmy carter who lost month won the release of an american imprisoned in north korea since january, he plans to win the release of the two american hike imprisoned in iran. the former president appears on "today" to promote "white house diary" he spoke about the tea party and whether they thinks they'll become a viable political party in the future. >> i believe it's going to be effective and important during the upcoming election. i capitalize on the
11:25 am
dissatisfaction of the government when i was elected. i came in after watergate, after vietn vietnam, after the assassination of kennedy and martin luther king jr. a rode a wave of dissatisfaction with the incumbent in order to get into the white house. i think the tea party's taking advantage of that now. i think their influence is merged with the republican party and eventually, i'd say within i would hope by 2012 their big influence is dissipated. >> one of the springs president obama, i would say, put on his greatest accomplishments of the early stage of the presidency, health care, something he fought hard for. now, six weeks before midterm election, and democrat are running in races across the country and very, very few are talking about that accomplishment of health care reform. why? >> well, i think the republicans have been successful in projecting it in a very negative way, but the mane thing i see, and the health reform, it brings
11:26 am
health care or insurance to about 30 million people who didn't have it before. and i tried the same thing when i was in office indoin june of comprehensive health care for 16 million people uninsured to catastrophic health needs and we also had a proposal there that was designed to be increased so the gafull gambit of health car could go into effect in four years. we didn't succeed with that. that's something we need to expand in the future, is total insurance for everybody in our country. >> universal health care. >> uns versele health care but phased in slowly now. the way it was a long, tedious, drawn-out confrontation has been utilized by the opponents in a negative light, which it does not deserve. >> brian williams will also speak with the former president and you can see that interview
11:27 am
tonight on nbc "nightly news." accusations of widespread fraud and voter entimization during the parliamently election ns afghanistan? we'll take you live to kabul for the latest. and then back here in the u.s., troubled actress lindsay lohan falls off the wagon again. is the 24-year-old headed back to prison for violating her bail agreement? we bring you that next.
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words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross.
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we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right. votes for sale, intimidation from warlords and bomb attacks by the taliban, election observers in afghanistan are dealing with 2700 different complaints of voter fraud in saturday's parliamentary election. meantime, as the ballot count continues, washington is keeping a close eye on results ahead of a planned review of u.s. strategy in the 9-year-old afghan war. nbc john yang joins us live in kabul. how widespread is this alleged fraud? because of that, what em pli
11:31 am
indications are there for u.s. troops in afghanistan? >> reporter: the complaints about the votes are coming in faster than returns. this is a big issue for the united states, of course, because after last year's presidential election, filled with fraud, another tainted vote would call into question president obama's goal beginning to withdraw troops from a stabilized afghanistan next summer. i sat down with u.s. ambassador karl eikenberry, u.s. ambassador to afghanistan. he acknowledged there would be some fraud, probably some froau found in saturday's balloting but the standard should not be perfection. >> i am impressed with the -- to the extent which the afghans have come together, government, ngos, the citizenry, the afghan national security forces and a serious way to say, let's do better, is better going to be a perfect election? no, of course not.
11:32 am
but an election that is not perfect, does that mean it's not a good election? no, it doesn't. >> reporter: ike eikenberry poi out with 25,000 candidates for 249 seats, there would be 9 losers for every winner. so you can expect there to be a lot of complaints. thomas? >> if he's saying we don't expect to have perfection, we understand that, but how does this skew the results? >> reporter: it is -- i mean, already the credibility of government, in the eyes of the afghan people, has been tainted by last year's presidential election in a decidedly nonscientific survey. a lot of the people i talked to who did not vote fell they'd be wasting their time if they did, they felt the people that karzai, president hamid karzai wanted, would win. so that would only spread or sort of raise the doubts of the people in the government, and takes something the united states does not want to see,
11:33 am
thomas. >> john yang, live in kabul. thank you so much. investigators in the netherlands continue to question an alleged terror suspect. a british man of somali origin is interrogated, arrested yesterday at am tsterdaamsterda airport. official says the man was arrested on information provided by british authorities. in a half hour from now, the president is going to take the stage at a live town hall meeting on the economy that airs on our sister network, cnbc. after that he's going to return to the business of trying to get democrats elected when he goes to philadelphia to stump for senate candidate joe sestak. the white house is trying to give sestak a boost, despite support for arlen specter in the democratic party. joining us live from philadelphia with more, athena. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. as you said, the president heads to philadelphia this afternoon for two fund-raising events for
11:34 am
senate candidate joe sestak at the convention center. the first a reception, followed by a dinner. he'll head to the pyramid club. the joe sestak price range goes up to $2400. for the dnc fund-raisers they start at $10,000 and go up to $34,400. that dnc convenient is supposed to raise $1 million, they expect. having the president headline fund-raisers is all about trying to rev up the democratic party base. we heard former president bill clinton say on "meet the press" this weekend if the democrats can shake voters out of their sense of an think, they'll do fine against republicans in november. that's what these events are all about. what we're likely to hear the president make many of the same arguments he's been making lately, the economy's on the right track, sure, there's still a ways to go in terms of reducing unemployment numbers and things like that but he'll defend steps the administration has taken on health care, financial regulatory reform, helping car companies and argue we're on the right track.
11:35 am
dimming voters have to get out, get excited and keep republicans from turning back the clock. at the congressional black caucus event over the weekend the president quoted his good friend who said while 2008 was an election about the changing of the guard, this election in 2010 will about guarding the change. that's the argument we expect the president to make in philadelphia today. >> live in what looks look a beautiful philadelphia day you've got going down there. looks gorgeous. thanks. >> reporter: yes, we do. moving on. lady gaga using her star power to fight the military's don't ask, don't tell policy on gay service members. a proposal to repell the measure attached to a defense spending bill scheduled to be voted on tomorrow. attending a rally in maine today. senators could cast the deciding votes for the bill. i want gaga to join me. help me. i've sent her a message at
11:36 am help me get at lady gaga on my 2:00 p.m. hour. little monsters. i'm asking courtney hazlett. little monsters, help me get lady gaga on at 2:00. randy quaid and his wife are facing new legal woes for squatting in a california home they owned years. the home's owner says no you don't. police charges the quaids with burglary. earlier they were arrested on charges of failing to pay their bill at a california hotel. legal drama for paris and lindsay. one cop pleas while the other could land behind bars. we'll get the scoop from pop culture columnist courtney hazlett. i'm having trouble speaking today. >> there's a lot going on in the world, thomas. unstandable especially when you start with paris hilton in court. not the first time we've seen paris hilton in a courtroom scene. now i'm doing it, thanks for
11:37 am
that. >> it's contagious. >> paris pled guilty to two m misdemeanor charges. she said that this purse that was found to have cocaine in it -- >> wasn't hers. >> she says that's not my purse. like we heard lindsay lohan say those aren't my pants. the 15 nell bag was hers. she said that to the judge. and this is what she's going to have to do. she will have to go to jail if she is arrested for anything other than a minor traffic violation, it would be a one-year sentence that begins as soon as the arrest takes place. she's also getting $2,000 fine, 200 hours of community service and she's going have to partake in an outpatient drug program. it's not an easy year for paris hilton unless she changes her behavior. the judge said, i'm doing this because i want you to change your behavior, and the clark county jail is nothing like the waldorf astora. next court date a year from now.
11:38 am
if she does everything the judge is orderering her to do, she doesn't have to show up in court but that's where that stands now. >> let's move on to lindsay. >> her one-time friend, i don't know what their status is on facebook, lindsay lohan on friday, tmz broke the news that lindsay failed a drug test again. what does it mean? well, the judge could call her back to court and say she's violated probation, and she would stand to serve 30 days in jail if found that she's violated her probation. >> did they break the news or lins lindsay broke it on twitter. >> she said drug addiction is a disease you have to overcome. it's a work in progress. admitting that she did fail the drug test. this is the first time we've ever seen lindsay lohan accept responsibility. i don't think you should subtract points for admitting you've got a problem on twitter necessarily. she has so many opportunities to accept responsibility in the past but she's finally saying something. producers of her film "machete"
11:39 am
said they stand behind her, her talent speaks for herself. >> we don't know if it drugs or booze, it's a failed test. >> a failed test, reportedly drugs, reportedly. stay tuned for that. >> moving on. >> happy news. tonight the season premiere week, if your dvrs are cold, hollow empty form or self, they'll be happy. three shows to point out for tonight. two of them at 8:00, fire up that dvr. "dancing with the stars," we know bristol palin will be one of the performers. allegedly doing some risque u teen that involves her taking off her clothes and revealing a skimpy outfit. sarah palin may be there. >> she's totally going to be there. >> rumored to be performing "mama told me not to come" a nunny song. >> i bet she's going to be good. a fun experience. >> we have the hoff.
11:40 am
don't hassle the hoff. opposite "dancing with the stars," one of my favorites "house." if you haven't started watching "house" it doesn't mat that there's already six seasons behind you. just watch it. one of the most gifted actors on television. he's a legitimately smart person a great actor. on nbc "the event." jason ritter, blare underwood and others join this "lost" meets adventure government heist secret sort of -- we don't know what it's about. >> i heard they got it planned out for two years so they know which zrikz they'direction they it. >> you've got see the pilot and the next episode, then you'll get hooked. >> thank you. you can logon to there are some things that are considered news in this world but -- no way! >> -- but only a few things that
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breaking news in today's true true crime.
11:45 am
authorities have arrested a suspect in the case of a north carolina police chief's daughter. the body found stuffed in a storage locker in charlotte last night. a murder warrant issued for the 34-year-old in connection with her death. police began searching for hamilton after reported missing last week. clin van zandt joins us from d.c. to talk about this. very fast work with everybody involved including the fbi. >> yeah, it was. 4 1/2 days since she was last seen when she left a restaurant with this individual. as you know, her vehicle, her car, her purse, her keys, were found in a parking lot behind this restaurant, and supposedly at least one or both had been seen at a local hotel/motel. now whether that was willing, whether that was under duress or what, but for him, this arrest appears to have taken place in niagara falls, new york, where he's from. he has family there. so in a case like this, the fbi,
11:46 am
the u.s. marshalls, they would have gone to his home, they would have staked it out, they would have been looking for him to come back to an area like that and ev dentally he fell into the trap. >> in a report coming out from the local nbc affiliate in north carolina, they're saying among things this person has a history ofs a rape conviction in nighing aga falls new york, 1996, niagara falls is where they captured this guy. i'm thinking he's trying to get to canada. >> could have been. dealing with these guys, what happens when somebody goenz the run, many times they go back to an area they're comfortable, they know their way around, they know the ins and out of a city, perhaps they have a support group, family, friends. they go back to where they feel safe, even if they're a suspect in this terrible crime, which appears to be the murder of this young woman. as you suggest, this guy was convicted of a rape when he was
11:47 am
20 years old. he's now about 34. but he has other crimes in his recent history, drugs, weapons, burglaries. so this is really, you know, potentially a bad guy. now how this young woman, the daughter of a police chief, got hooked up with him, we don't know. we don't know whether this was just a chance meeting or relationship, but one thing we do know, that you can take anybody's name and go to a national sex offender registry. you can get through it through our website,, or any other way on the internet. you can punch in somebody's name and you can find out who they are. you know, the internet is this wonderful thing it can help and hurt us. there is great value there. and men and women should take advantage of that to search the name of somebody before we decide to go off with them. >> well, again, the police officials, as you're saying, 4 1/2 days acting very quick to find this guy. he's going to be facing the
11:48 am
murder charges for this police chief's daughter, which is a sad case, coming to us out of north carolina. thank you for joining us. it's the movie that facebook's founder does not, does not, want you to see. did mark zuckerberg steal the idea for the popular social networking site? we'll hear from two former classmates who say, yeah, he did. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time... time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. but basically, i'm a runner. last year. (oof).
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welcome back, and i'm asking you to help me in my twitter campaign to get lady gaga on my 2:00 show here on msnbc. here's the tweet i sent to lady gaga earlier, help me get at lady gaga on my 2:00 p.m. hour on msnbc. want to talk to her about the
11:52 am
maine rally. i've been getting people tweeting me back. james saying, hey, lady gaga, we need you to contact tom roberts on his show. so keep it up out there. gaga little monsters. write to at lady gaga. trying to get her to come on the show. we want to find out why she's doing this at 4:00 p.m. today in maine. so continuing with our social networking theme here, movie posters for the new facebook claim here that you don't get to 500 friends without making a few enemies. the movie shows how the social networking web site back in 2004, saying the creator stole the idea from other harvard students. we spoke to two other people who
11:53 am
says facebook was their idea. they're saying they came to mark with this project and then he hijacked it. >> right, and this is all depict in the film, their allegations. they were classmates at harvard. they said they had the idea for this social networking web site. they hired him to work on the site, put it together. they say he never did the work he was hired to do, and a few months later he launched facebook. so immediately they stent hent cease and desist, he ignored it so they wen ahead with the lawsuit. now they say they were misled by the value of the company, and they want to open things up again. they want to vacate that settlement and presumably reopen the door to litigation. here's what they had to say about the value of the stock. >> they misled us on the valuation of the company and the actual stock we were to receive. >> you had some pretty smart
11:54 am
lawyers at the time, i would imagine. they had the rug pulled over their eyes? >> it's really a situation where facebook has all the information on their valuation and how they value their company, and unless they provide that to us, which we believe they're obligated to, it's impossible really for us to tell what the value is other than what they represent. >> now, ironically, facebook is fighting now to get that settlement enforced. they are fighting to get it vacated presumably again so they can get it started. facebook is estimated to be valued at $4 billion. he's 26 years old. if, as they claim, they were responsible for it -- >> we're not going after mark in a lawsuit. we know what its value is. z >> it's not a publicly traded company so all the value is speculative. they say they were misled in the settlement about what it was worth, so the settlement is not as much. facebook said we've considered the lawsuit closed for years and
11:55 am
we wish them well in their future endeavors. so essentially they've said, we've moved on from this. it's bringing all of this to the forefront, so the movie depictures whdepicts what happened. >> they both got their accounts on facebook. >> they probably won't be friending mark zuckerberg. >> that's going to wrap it up for me this hour. i appreciate your time. i'm thomas roberts. contessa brewer is going to pick thijz up at the top of the hour. >> the drug violence in mexico, the nerves of a journalist brings a newspaper to its knees. now it's begging for the truth from the drug car tells asking which stories might set them off. we'll describe the life and death consequences in covering a drug war. the president heads to pennsylvania to push support for
11:56 am
congressman joe sestak. he joins us to tell us how the president can best help him win the election. lady gaga is trying to get many senators to vote her way. ♪
11:57 am
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11:59 am
- oh, yeah, that's a great idea. - but imagine actually trying to use him as a wheelbarrow, like stacking bricks on him and doing, like, doo-doo-doo. you know what i mean? - or yoga. - which is actually peaceful and quiet and not a lot of talking, so... - exactly. is he still looking at me? . good monday, everybody. i'm contessa brewer. they're taking the aim at the tea party, trying to grab the spotlight that she see as the radical right. on the other end of the spectrum, they're pointing out the weaknesses of the tea party. >> the question is, what are the specifics? what really matters is what we're going to do. >> it maya peel to the fringe elements of the paerrty, but i don't think it app

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